Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue is a unique combination of people with experience, knowledge and passion for animals.  We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home, displaced and unwanted animals.

The founder of Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue is Gina Stanchfield. Gina has been an animal activist since she was a young girl in Southern California and continued her efforts since moving here to Nevada twenty years ago. Gina is the driving force behind the creation and growth of SFAR. Her helping hands are her daughter, Jessica and her friends Sarrisa, Joan and Chris.

Here at S.F.A.R. the well being of all animals is our primary concern.  We are dedicated to educating the public on the issues surrounding the care and future of all animals. We have big dreams here at S.F.A.R. and want to be part of  the solution.

We want this journey to be the footprint we leave on this planet. "One by one until there are none, on a wing and a prayer and a paw."

Dog Bless:)


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