R.I.P. Willy Mac

Willy Mac was a 5 year old, male, Pit Bull who was a resident of Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue for the past 2 years. He came to us with a prior history of aggression and was deemed dangerous in the county of his previous residency. After much TLC and training, Willy Mac soon overcame his aggression issues and has blossomed into a sociable and loving boy who became friendly with our cats and other canine residents.

Unfortunately, it was discovered on March 20th 2016 that Willy Mac was very sick Nauseous, his eyes were red and swollen and his lymph nodes were swollen the size of tennis balls. So the next morning we took him in to see Dr. Cameron Ross D.V.M. at Carson Valley Veterinary Hospital, Cameron examined him and did a blood panel and also put him on a coarse of steroids to alleviate his symptoms.

The next day his results came back and to our great sadness we discovered that Willy had an aggressive Lymphoma Cancer that had also traveled to his liver. His prognosis was bleak and the steroids would just keep the cancer at bay for a brief time.

Willy spent the last week of his life surrounded by the people who loved him the most. Willy went on lots of small road trips, slumber party's in the living room and enjoying lots of goodies that were normally not part of his regular diet.  But what the hell! He deserved it.

Willy Mac was humanly euthanized (many tears were shed) on March 28th 2016 surrounded by his family and friends who loved him the most and Willy Mac was laid to rest in the Strawberry Fields Cemetery with a beautiful cross made by his friend Daniel with his favorite ball attached to his cross. Willy Mac was a special soul who showed the forgiving nature of the pit bull breed if given the chance to overcome their pasts. Willy will join all of his friends and run happily and pain free up over the Rainbow Bridge. I hope to see him there one day:)
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Donations can be made through our donation link on our website (under Willy Mac's Photos on this page, or the home page), or a check or money order can be mailed to:

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Or we will happily welcome any contribution into our account at Carson Valley Veterinary Hospital.  Or a check can be mailed directly to Carson Valley Veterinary Hospital to be paid into the account of Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue at:

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We appreciate all of the support and generosity we have received form our local community and beyond!

Dog Bless

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