Wish List

Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue Wish List

We are a nonprofit 501c organization that relies on public support / donations to do the work that we do. This is the list of items that we require to care for our furry, feathered and scaly residents. For more information about our wish list, or to find out more about what you can do to help us with our cause, please contact us at (775) 265-3130.

Remember, one by one until there are none, on a wing and a prayer and a paw!

Blankets, towels, linens, comforters or firewood

Pet beds, crates, kennels, x-pens, stainless steel bowls/buckets, dual sided snaps

Cat litter boxes/scoops, pet toys (Kong and Nylabones are best and most durable for our larger canine residents), agility equipment, doggie pooper scoopers (preferable large size)

Leashes (nylong, leather, slip leads, etc.), collars (leather, nylon, choke chains, prong collars, etc.)

Kibble (preferable grain free-dog or cat), canned foods (dog or cat), biscuits/treats (preferable grain free), Beggin' Strips, cat litter, parrot food/vitamins, turtle/tortoise food/vitamins, goose food, shavings

Heating blankets and pads (for reptiles and winter time), reptile lights (heating bulbs, vita light bulbs, and hoods), aquariums, reptile substrates (calcium sand, moss, coconut fiber bedding, etc.)

Pet medication/supplements (cosequin for any species is wonderful)

Cleaning products (preferable disinfecting/antibacterial), bleach, rags, cleansers, scrub sponges, spray bottles, etc.

A new or gently used van with air conditioning and all or 4 wheel drive

A new or gently used utility tractor with a bucket and drag box or back hoe and 4 wheel drive

Monetary donations can also be made directly into our Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue accounts at:
Carson Valley Veterinary Hospital
Nevada State Bank
U.S. Mail to
    P.O. Box 6553
   Gardnerville, NV 89460

log on to gofundme.com/savesfar

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