Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue New Location

Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue New Location

The nonprofit animal rescue group sat at the corner of Waterloo Lane and Highway 88 for years saving the lives of everything from cats and dogs to geese and donkeys.

So, you may have wondered why you haven’t seen its signs since last February.

Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue has moved to a new permanent location in Wellington. Gina and Jessica Stanchfield are grateful to all those who supported their move.

“We could not have done it without you,” says Gina Stanchfield, founder of the group.

Strawberry Fields, in addition to being an animal shelter, offers full-service dog and cat grooming in Wellington to help support their rescue efforts.

Grooming for small dogs is $40, big dogs and cats are $60. All prices include nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal gland expression; call 775-265-3130 for an appointment. Read Full Announcement

You can find the new location in Wellington, Nevada at:1465 Sandstone Dr., Wellington, NV 89444

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