Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue

Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our mission at Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue is to rescue, rehabilitate, rehome and provide love and sanctuary for animals in need (all species welcome). We offer professional, full service pet grooming and accept all breeds of dogs, cats and pocket pets (guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, etc.). We use all natural products and provide your pet with a gentle and comfortable experience while in our “spa”. Here at Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue, we believe that grooming is a form of love and therefore, should be treated as such. We make every effort to ensure that your pet will have a safe and pleasant experience while in our care. We strive to create an environment and energy that will ensure your pet is happy to return for future visits. Grooming is a very important aspect of pet care that is often underestimated. Proper grooming will keep your pet, not only looking and feeling his or her best, but it will also help prevent allergies, skin conditions and improve their overall health. If you are interested in our pet grooming services, wish to make a donation or looking for a new friend to add to your home please give us a call at (775)265-3130. All proceeds from our grooming services benefit our rescue efforts and allow us to continue to help those who cannot help themselves. 


“One by one until there are none, on a wing and a prayer and a paw”

Dog Bless!

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